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The David Weekley Model Yard Home at Mueller

The David Weekley model home at 1917 Zach Scott has been a familiar sight for Mueller residents since the birth of the neighborhood, and the Antone floor plan remains one of the most popular homes on the resale market. Why am I telling you this? I’m lucky enough to have one home becoming available very soon. I’m sad to see my neighbors leave, yet I know that someone else is going to be excited to live there.

Now, I can’t let people in to the home to see it just yet, but I can tell you (all hype aside) that it’s going to be in demand. What I suggest you do, if you have any interest in moving to Mueller Austin in the next few months, is to go check out the model home (map below) and see if it appeals. And get in touch if you want to see this listing before it hits the MLS: 512.215.4785.

I tell everyone who visits a model home to be wary of WYSINWYG (What you see is not what you get) as builders have a cunning habit of putting every imaginable upgrade, stainless steel bell and hand-scraped Brazilian cherry wood whistle into their show piece model homes. So if the typical buyer puts $15,000 in design center upgrades into a home, the model might have $80,000 in sprucing up detail. Oh, and model homes normally have a vacant lot next to them to make them appear more impressive on the drive up.

One thing I like about David Weekley (and there are many things – they built my home and continue to take good care of me) is that they have a list of the model upgrades on a stand in the kitchen.

So, go check out the model home, and get ready to check out the Antone at 1929 Littlefield Street.

Here’s a map to the model home:

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I can understand that you’re thinking, “Is this hype really necessary? Just slap it on the Multiple Listing System and we’ll check it out.” I hear you. You’re probably tired of me harping on about “extreme sellers’ market yadda yadda.” Also, I have a vested interest in the sale. All I’ll say is that three of my last four pocket listings at Mueller had offers before they went on the MLS.

Here’s what happened to the one that did make it on the MLS – my most recent David Weekley Mansfield resale listing at 1917 McCloskey Street:

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