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New Homes 2019

The first new homes at Mueller were sold in 2007 – what’s left to build in 2019?

Just for giggles, we googled the answer first and if you search for Mueller Austin you typically find information from 2014 and 2017 – woefully out of date. Even the developer’s website has some strange information in the new homes page. Now we are the first to admit, that since we’ve been running this site since 2008, some of our articles are themselves vintage.

But it’s time to set the record straight for 2019 and give you the low down on what’s left.

Mueller Section 10A2 Homes in 2019


There are only a few more David Weekley Homes in Section 10 (A2), and these are going to be the last ones for 2019 and 2020 from this production builder. From the map above you can see the multiple red S letters indicating which ones have sold.

What are the New Homes for Sale at Mueller in 2019?

We have a list of new Mueller homes for sale on our site which takes information from the Austin Multiple Listing Service. In addition, there are several new homes which aren’t in that system, and we describe these below.

David Weekley’s New Homes At Mueller 2019
There are two row home floor plans now available on 80′ and 90′ lots.

The Burrel – 4 bedrooms or office and 3 bedrooms – approx. 2,036 sf – homesites with balcony and a fenced side yard – around $650,000.

The Kal – 3 bedrooms plus retreat – approx. 2,235 sf – big front porch, two balconies, and a fenced side yard – around $625,000.

Muskin Homes New Homes at Mueller 2019

Muskin Row Homes – Vaughan Street – 3 bedrooms – approx. 1,970 sf – 5 out of 5 stars in Austin Green Energy Building Program – around $649,000.

New Empire Communities Homes at Mueller 2019

Empire Communities currently has two new Boston floorplan homes under construction which will be ready in December 2019.

Boston farmhouse yard home – Tilley and Camacho Streets – 4 bed 2.5 bathroom homes with garage apartment – approx. 3,276 sf (including 587 sf 1/1 unit over garage) – around $1,195,990.

Why Would I Choose to Be Represented by a Real Estate Agent When I Buy a New Home?

It’s true that just getting your friend’s cousin’s neighbor to be your real estate agent when you buy a new home might not give you any real advantage, but we believe that working with a real estate agent who is familiar with the builder, the homes and the neighborhood can be a real boon.

So much so, that we’ve made a successful business out of it. Remember that the wonderful builder’s sales representatives are looking out for the builder first, and the buyer second. A REALTOR has a fiduciary duty to put the needs of any buyer client above those of themselves or of the builder. That’s one reason we don’t market any of the builders’ new properties for sale at Mueller. It muddies the waters a little.

Hiring an experienced agent to represent you during a new home purchase doesn’t cost you a nickel, and it can save you heartache during the choosing, designing and building process.

We’re here on +1 (512) 829-1351 to tell you all about the process, or you can get in touch online if that’s your thing.

Can I Buy an Investment Property At Mueller?

What is unusual about the available David Weekley homes is that two investment sales are permitted. Typically there has been a restriction on investor sales during the development build out – the builders have been tasked with finding owner-occupiers to fuel the neighborhood’s growth.

Is it a good idea to buy an investment property at Mueller? Our opinion is a little biased, and it really depends if you’re investing for cashflow or appreciation. Since property taxes are relatively high in Texas (no state income tax) then the margins on a Mueller property owned with a high loan to value mortgage might be lower than you want.

It really depends what you’re looking for – give us a call to talk through your options. For example, it might be a good fit for someone who is looking to move to Mueller in a few years time and wants to rent out a newer home until they move. That would potentially have capital gains benefits as well if and when you come to sell.

We don’t claim to be tax advisors, but we know a few things to point you and your tax advisor in the right direction if you are considering an investment property at Mueller or beyond.

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