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New Section 7 Homes At Mueller

Once again we’re experiencing the drought of available housing at Mueller, and once again everyone is doing a little rain dance, waiting for the developer and builders to release a deluge of new homes on the parched earth. It’s quite an exciting time, as we see some of the products that are currently behind the scenes before they’re unveiled.

MuellerSection7Our clients eying the Mueller resale market are weighing up the birds that are fleetingly in their grasp and comparing them to the variety of birds that are allegedly in the bush. The birds in the bush are many, and some builders are even threatening to take deposits for holds on future homes.

The species of Section 7 (and even the last homes in Section 6) are a little new. Added to the familiar yard homes, row homes and garden homes are Town Green Homes from multiple builders. Courtyard Row Homes and larger row homes are also on the cards for the market rate products.

The main questions we get asked are:

What are the prices of new homes?

When are the new homes on sale?

When can we move into the new homes?

And you know what, we have a good feeling for most of this. We’re trying very hard not to steal the developer’s thunder so that they can break the news to the public. So we’re moving this kind of information to our email list. That way we have more latitude to share our info that we glean at meetings like the one pictured below.


Looking at preliminary plans from one Mueller builder

Is this some kind of crazy ploy to get you to sign up for our email list at the top right? Well I could see that it would seem that way. It’s just the only practical way we can share information without getting anyone in trouble who has shared the information with us. Either that, or you could get in touch and we can just talk to you. That still works!

One thing we’re struggling with is that the plans we have seen are provisional at best. Sure anyone can head over to the County Clerk and pull up the plat map for Section 7 and see the plats, but the linking of builders to lots and lots to plans is still very much under wraps. And as anyone who has built a new home in a new style here at Mueller will appreciate, plans are often subject to change. And some of the builders haven’t even been announced.

So in a nutshell, sign up. We don’t send a lot of emails, and we try to keep them concise and to the point. That’s where we’re going to be sharing our Section 7 news ahead of the big release. Just pop your email address in at the top right, confirm you want to be on the list, and we’ll keep you informed.

If you prefer, you can get in touch and tell us what you’re looking for, and we can send you just that. Scott Brodrick is a realtor with Sherlock Homes Austin, specializing in Mueller and beyond – 512.215.4785.

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