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Where is the new Mueller HEB?

The short answer is in the Market District at Mueller, and the slightly longer answer is at the corner of Berkman Drive and 51st Street. Since the start of June 2013, Berkman Drive has been open all the way through, linking Windsor Park with the Pecan Springs neighborhood, with two stop lights – one just past the new HEB, and one at the intersection with Manor Road.

When does the Mueller HEB Open? this is the next most frequent question I am asked after “where is it?”. It is slated to open on July 26th 2013, though it is not uncommon for delays in construction, especially considering it is a LEED rated (energy efficient) 75,000sqft building. This date slipped by two weeks in the middle of June 2013, but it’s our best guess right now.

Can I live nearby?Yes of course! 2013 is an interesting year in Austin real estate, and there are opportunities in Mueller, including new homes a few hundred yards away from the front door of HEB, and homes for sale in Windsor Park which are on the opposite side of 51st Street. You can check the links up top to see houses for sale here in the ‘hood.

So what’s the Mueller HEB scoop?At the start of September 2012, HEB and Catellus made their announcement ending literally years of uncertainty as to who the grocery tenant would be at Mueller. The grocery has long been a hot topic for current and future residents – the Neighborhood Association meeting that Greg Weaver attended two years ago to discuss grocery and town center plans was heavily attended. So we’re excited there’s a store, where is it?

It’s going to be in the market district, which doesn’t exist yet beyond the gleam in a master development planner’s eye and a few diagrams. It’s going to be on the outskirts of the neighborhood. The original plan saw a grocery co-located with the Town Center, but it split off to Berkman and 51st Street to allow surface parking. America isn’t apparently ready for small town grocery yet.

So it will be easily accessed from I35 via the 51st Street exit – which places it convenient for northerly areas like Windsor Park and University Hills whose nearest HEB is the one at Springdale Plaza. It’s also an easy route from the bulk of the residential part of the neighborhood. Berkman only extended as far as Simond Avenue (venue for the Mueller House Condominiums) until June 2013, though has been planned as a major thoroughfare – even having provisions and scale for a streetcar, should that transpire. Berkman is now open and bisects the neighborhood.

Personally, I like the idea of a HEB. They’ve given me free bananas and bagels every time I’ve finished a running race in Austin, and I like the mix of everyday stuff like Diet Coke along with the Central Market organic range. And they’re local.

Garreth Wilcock is an expert in homes at Mueller Austin and represents buyers and sellers of residential real estate there. See all new Mueller homes for sale or call on 512.215.4785.

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