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When Is the Grocery Coming To Mueller?

The second question I normally get asked by people looking to buy a home at Mueller is “When is the grocery store going to get here and which one is it?”. The developer gave some positive news this morning.

Greg Weaver at Catellus discussed progress on the grocery store at the Mueller Neighborhood Association meeting today. Here’s a clip in which he talks about things in motion.

My take on what he said is:

  • It could be soon
  • He’s positive about the discussions that are happening with potential tenants
  • The developer appreciates the importance to the community
  • Berkman will probably be opened up to allow access to the market district
  • It’s still planned to be at 51st and Berkman, with parking on the 51st side

Compared to the news on the Mueller town center timeline, this seems pretty positive.

Garreth Wilcock is a Mueller Resident and Realtor ® and represents buyers and sellers of homes at Mueller. Which grocery store would you like to see at Mueller? Please comment below!

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