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When are the next yard homes coming to Mueller?

Mueller Austinhome buyers who aren’t interested in the Garden Homes or Mueller House / Greenway Loft condos have a few choices for yard homes right now. There are a few custom home lots on Camacho Street, and David Weekley Homes will be announcing their four 3000+sqft homes at the end of Lake Park soon – these tend to be $700,000 and up.

I’ll just clear up what I mean by “Yard home” – it’s just a term that means not attached, and not a garden / garden court home. Yard is a somewhat relative term: lot sizes here are smaller than typical for an Austin neighborhood. The average lot size for the first 650 homes here is 3456sqft or just under 0.08 acre, and the Mueller Design Book says:

At least 90 percent of all detached œyard-house lots will be no greater than 5,000 square feet in area.”

So when can you buy a yard home? For buyers in the under $500,000 price range there are certainly going to be a dozen or more resale yard homes at Mueller in 2011 – you can see the current list of homes for sale at Mueller here.

As for the next set of yard homes, I’m not sure. Given the current rate of new home sales, the developer may announce something this year about future plans, though it might be when everything currently in the works is sold. If that’s the case, the design, review, build cycle might mean no new yard homes on the ground until late 2012. The trend in this phase of development has been for denser housing and different housing styles. To maintain the diversity of housing styles, which must include:

“A minimum of 1,440 detached œyard-house units and/or attached œrow house or œshop house units will be provided within the neighborhoods.”

per the Design Book, we may see shop houses or apartments before we see more yard houses. I’ll comment on this post when I find out more.

Garreth Wilcock is a Realtor at Sherlock Homes Austin, and specializes in homes at Mueller Austin. 512.215.4785

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