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What’s Next at Mueller, Austin Texas?

Some new announcements were made at the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan and Implementation Advisory Committee (RMMA PIAC) meeting on Tuesday, and here’s the easily digestable redux.

The Grocery Store: There is still no announcement about the tenant for the planned Mueller grocery store. The developer said that it was a complicated deal in progress, and that things were moving ahead to get a store in the Market District up at 51st Street.

New Apartments: Simmong Vedder are projecting a Q3 ground-breaking on another 300 unit apartment complex next to Mosaic on the Northwest Greenway.

First Garden Home occupied: The first of the David Weekley Mueller Garden Homes are completed, closed and occupied. The first three rows are forging forward, and I anticipate they’ll pour foundations for the homes at the end of these rows next week. The next three rows are still available, though there is a waiting list. Get in touch if you want to get on it!

Pecan Street Project House: The demonstration home for the Mueller smart grid project is to be built at the corner of Antone and Berkman – roughly opposite the control tower. The subdivision notice has been sent to the neighbors of 7 lots. The other 6 will face Berkman and the new part of Threadgill. Catellus couldn’t say if the lots facing Berkman would be shop houses, though anticipated shared wall units.

Affordable Homes:There have been multiple outreach programs to attract people to the affordable housing program, and the opportunities there in the Mueller House Condos and Garden Homes. There are two more open houses coming up for people to see what’s available and learn more: April 2nd 12:00-3:00p and April 16th 12:00-3:00p at Mueller Central.
Next Residential Section Announced: The next residential section to be released is North of Simond Avenue, and will contain yard homes, shared wall homes and shop houses. This is pretty exciting news for people looking for a live-work opportunity with access to the medical, retail and residential populations.

Senior Affordable Housing Project:Construction at the Wildflower Terrace is storming ahead with the first move-ins anticipated November 2011. There are 100 people signed up on the information list.

The Town Center: while the developer had no specific updates on the town center, there was some more discussion about the possibility and ramifications of the Performing Arts Centermoving to Mueller in addition to the confirmed tenants – The Austin Children’s Museumand The Austin Playhouse.The next regular RMMA PIAC meeting is scheduled for April 12th 2011, though there may be a special meeting called if there is more news on the Performing Arts Center.

Garreth Wilcock is an Austin Green Realtor living and working in Mueller Austin. 512.215.4785.

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