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What is a Mueller House?

The Mueller House is a concept eloquently espoused in the Mueller Design Book in 2004, and which has been waiting for its day to shine. That day may soon be upon us, and here’s a quick run down of the idea behind them.

Is it a home, is it a condo? There’s more to the Mueller House than meets the eye. From the outside it appears like a large estate house, as you can see from the illustrative concepts (right).The home is split into 4-6 condos. Here the term “condo” implies fractional ownership of the entire building and certain common elements.

I was a little confused at first by the term “estate house” when it was used by the developer. It seems that this means a large home which appears to have a single front entrance. The entrances to the other units are from the front or side elevations.

So where are the garages? The design book states that the single or double garages face the rear alley, and each condo has direct covered access to its parking.

The Mueller Houses are planned to look diverse and have different heights, building materials and architectural features so that they are visually intriguing.

Garreth Wilcock is a Realtor representing home buyers at Mueller. Call 512.829.1351 to find out when the Mueller Houses are going to be available.

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