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Usual Shortage of Mueller Homes For Sale

1916 Emma Long St

From “Coming Soon” to “Contract Pending”

I haven’t had much opportunity to write of late, and here’s a quick update as to why. The market is pretty voracious right now. I have met four new buyer clients in the last two weeks, and by and large, they all want the same thing – a yard home in the $350,000 to $550,000 range at Mueller. How many homes for sale at Mueller are there that meet these criteria? If you follow the link you’ll see that all of these homes in the MLS are under contract.

Even if you check my silent market / off MLS page – there’s scant few options there either. We’re in very low supply, and demand is in its seasonal ramp up. In essence, we’re short of homes, and it’s a sellers’ market. With little news on the new homes from the developer, it’s unlikely that the new home sales will start until this Summer (in my opinion), so the resale market is tough for buyers. Buyers that rely on the usual channels that is.

In the interests of full disclosure, here’s how I manage my pocket listings. I offer them to my buyer clients first, then to other agents who have active buyers. After this, I offer them to the public / other agents. So sometimes homes don’t get “on the market”, like the one at 1916 Emma Long Street. This one had multiple offers before it reached the general public. To find out my other pocket listings that aren’t yet on my website, please get in touch 512 215 4785.

Below is a quick video about that home, and this link is to a video about how to manoeuvre in a sellers’ market. I made this video a week back, unknowingly foreshadowing the Emma Long experience.

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