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Time Warner Up Their Pricing

Time Warner’s “Mueller Deal” has been available to residents of Mueller since the project inception, and has finally seen a price increase. The deal was basic internet and basic cable for $50 a month, billed through the HOA. The deal has been somewhat challenging for a number of reasons. The first is that Time Warner often claim not to know about it, or to misquote the details. The second is that landlords occasionally forget that it must be paid through the HOA, and that tenants can’t pay it. If they offer it to their tenants, or forget to disconnect it, billing issues arise. The third is that billing errors get made, and much confusion ensues.

The deal is raising up to $57 a month in 2012, which may lead more people to consider their alternatives – AT&T provide their U-Verse service in the neighborhood, and dish network equipment is also springing up on the roof tops.

How to disconnect Time Warner at Mueller

First, be aware that the POA cable billing cycle starts on the first of the month. So if you plan on disconnecting, you might wait until close to the end of the month. Then call Time Warner at their disconnection line 866.837.0240 extension 1536637. Ask to be disconnected and then ask for something in writing to confirm the cancellation of service. Forward this to the POA so that they can cease paying cable on the next billing cycle. The contact I have for POA billing is sperez(at)allianceonline(dotted)net.

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