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The Playhouse is Here

Austin Playhouse

Dick Clark Architect’s Austin Playhouse renderings

Mueller Town Center enthusiasts like myself are excited to see the first signs of activity across Simond Avenue from Lake Park. While it doesn’t resemble the chic renderings of the planned Austin Playhouse as seen on Dick Clark Architect‘s site, it’s progress and in a little over two weeks the first Playhouse will have its opening night at Mueller.

The Playhouse has a 17,000 sqft new home planned for the Town Center, which is due to open in Fall 2012. That has two theaters and space for a restaurant tenant too – dinner theater anyone?

For now, they have erected a 3300 sqft tent right next to their future home. Tent probably doesn’t do the facility justice – in the same way that calling the Browning Hangar an inverted u-shaped piece of wood covered in cloth is a bit of an understatement. The Playhouse silo faces the Lake Park amphitheater and will host the first play on November 18th.

The play is “The Lion in Winter” and runs from Thursday to Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm through to December 18th (no show on Thanksgiving Day). Tickets range between $26 and $35 with students paying half price and the venue holds 150 seats. You can purchase tickets at the Austin Playhouse site.

Austin Playhouse tent

Austin Playhouse Draft Version

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