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The Mueller Market is Too Hot For Some People

A few years back, a client from California was convinced they were moving to Fort Collins, Colorado. They ended up moving here based on the recommendations of so many Austin advocates in LA and one of them wrote about the experience for the Statesman. They had initially contacted me as they’d seen some of my writing about Mueller homes for sale, and thought that my neighborhood might be a good fit for them.

I would describe Dave as a green enthusiast (he rides an electric bike) and he was particularly interested in a walkable neighborhood and the sense of community which pervades the development. As noted in his article, he and his wife planned one reconnaisance trip in the triple digit dog days of summer, just to see if they could survive the oven-like conditions.

The answer was “yes” and the answer to the question, “should we move to Mueller?” was no. At the time, the lack of established trees was a deal breaker. If we hadn’t been scurrying for shade all the time, it might not have been so apparent that the trees were so sparse. We found something ideal in the neighborhood of Scott Felder homes called Independence, where more clients who I’d met through Mueller writings had found their home around the same time.

I guess the morals of the story are:

  1. This city has so many advocates around the world that it often ends up on people’s relocation lists – see Dave’s article for more details of the cult of Austin.
  2. Austin is freakishly hot – if you’re considering a move, check it out in summer as well as the mild winters.
  3. Mueller isn’t for everyone, and I can certainly help people identify other neighborhoods that do work for them.

Garreth Wilcock is a Mueller Realtor who helps people buy and sell homes throughout Central Austin. 512.215.4785

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