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The Latest Resale Home At Mueller

This Standard Pacific Roberts floorplan just came on the market yesterday, listed by JB Goodwin and an accomplished local Realtor by the name of Hilary Herrin. If it’s still available, this link to 2012 Antone St will show more details. Give me a call if you want to take a look inside. 512.694.8873.

I’m going to put together some statistics for the home market here in the coming week, as we’re now well into the resale cycle. Standard Pacific have one inventory home on the larger lot available, so there’s not much competition for the existing housing stock. Sellers have the advantage of a level playing field (less builder incentives to compete with) giving a much stronger position to sell at Mueller.

The new style homes are coming soon (maybe as soon as this month) and who knows what announcements will come in 2011. Rumours are abounding about the grocery store, and possible other commercial tenants, though it seems best to wait for confirmation from the developer before announcing anything here.

Garreth Wilcock lives and works at Mueller Austin.

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