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The Early Bird Catches the Mueller Worm

The housing market at Mueller Austin remains voracious under $400,000. The second resale home this month is already under contract in less than a week. Good news for sellers, though tough for buyers.

If you’re looking to buy at Mueller right now, and don’t want to wait for any of the newer homes to be built, my advice is as follows:

  1. Be the ready, willing and able buyer that the sellers want. By that I mean be ready to go check out a home in the first day on market and make a decision. If you don’t, someone else will.
  2. Have all of your paperwork ducks in a row ahead of time if you do need to write an offer. That means getting lender letters on file, understanding the values and pricing in the market and understanding what terms you can write in an offer.
  3. Understand the floorplans that are available ahead of time – there are only so many builders and so many floorplans, and getting a familiarity with them ahead of time will make the viewing process easier.
  4. Work with an agent who lives there and who focuses on the neighborhood. Like me. Having a head start on the competition will certainly help you at least see if any new homes are for you before they get snapped up.
  5. If you’re thinking of relocating here, figure out whether the neighborhood works for you before the listings hit the market.

The last point is worth elaborating on a little. In the last few weeks I’ve had a few readers who want to move here ask me what is coming on the market. They’ve been working with other agents which is fine – there are many reasons people choose an agent – family friend, someone they’ve worked with in the past, or a personal recommendation. And I wholeheartedly support their decisions.

My priority is to find homes for my clients, and to represent their best interests. I have a fiduciary duty to put their needs first, before people who aren’t my clients. What does this mean? I knew that the home pictured above was coming on the market. It wasn’t one of my listings, so my fiduciary duties were to my buyer clients waiting to move here. I took that picture a little after dawn the day the home hit the MLS. I’m posting it three days later here on my blog, after one of my clients had their offer accepted.

Garreth Wilcock is a real estate agent living and helping people buy and sell homes at Mueller. You can sign up for alerts when homes hit the market by saving a search at his website.

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