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Should I get a home inspection?

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Resale Home Inspection

Are you buying a resale home and wondering if you should get a home inspection? The answer is YES! The home inspection will cover all major systems, from the roof to the foundation. The inspector will also check for potential safety hazards, such as electrical issues or potential fire hazards. Potential buyers should plan to be present during the inspection to ask questions, point out concerns, talk with the inspector, and get a better understanding of the condition of the home. Remember that an inspector is a generalist, so if they recommend further inspection by an expert, talk with your REALTOR about other potential inspections.

Typical inspections cover: heating and air conditioning systems, foundation and structural components, visible insulation (such as in the attic), windows, doors, the electrical system, the plumbing system, ceilings, roof, attic, walls, and floors.

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New Construction Home Inspection

Are you buying a new construction home and wondering if you should get a home inspection? The answer is again a huge YES! A new home inspection, also known as new construction or phase inspection, is an invaluable service for any new home buyer. Buyers should seek a reliable third-party opinion regarding the quality and installation practices on the home during the building process.

You may wonder why you need an inspection on a new construction home that is supposed to come with warranties and assurance. Surprisingly, different types of issues can be found by an unbiased outside inspector. Low-quality building material, incorrectly installed roofing or insulation, and open junction boxes are just some of the things that can be missed.

Although many builders are great about completing repair work discovered within your first few months of living there, some are the opposite. After you close, they are much less motivated to address your concerns!

With a new construction inspector helping you throughout the building process, these issues will be found immediately and can be fixed before closing.

There are three opportunities during the building cycle when it is recommended to have your third-party inspector evaluate and report on the workmanship and construction of your new home. The standard 3-phase, new construction inspection process is used to ensure that major defects within your home are not covered up. Knowing that your new home is being constructed in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC) and is in total compliance with all state-mandated regulations, will ensure your peace of mind.


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