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It seems that you have to stalk homes at Mueller sometimes – with resales selling on and off the market, I get calls from buyers wanting a specific floor plan. I feel like a stalker as I track down a Whitis Court for one person and a Mansfield for someone else. So too with the Mueller Shop Houses. People have been waiting for these for years, and now that we’re getting close to announcements about plans, dates and prices, I have one eager buyer who scours the web every day for news.

This is the result – whether intentional or not, the Homes By Avi website now has an inkling of pricing – “Town homes from the 320s” says the link on the Mueller community. So maybe it will be possible to get a 2000sqft home with commercial space below. Heck if they’re in the $320s, maybe I’ll get one for Sherlock Homes Austin.

Mueller Shop Houses

Mueller Shop Houses?

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