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Sell Your Home Fast with 3D Walkthroughs, Overhead Drone Pics, and Stunning Imagery: Meet My Photographer!

Who wants great photos of their home for sale

You ask - how do i sell my home in austin and sell it quickly? Kathy Sokolic can help.

Finding a real estate photographer in Austin isn’t too hard. Finding a GOOD one, with availability, can be a little tougher. If you are looking to sell your home in Austin, Texas (or Central Texas for that matter), you want great photos.

I’ve never been unhappy with any of my photographers. In fact, I have LOVED all the photos they’ve taken for my home listings over the years. But when it comes to wrapping all that goodness into a single package with great presentation? I’ve found my new crush! Boko Media (more on them later).

You know how it is… there is a list that needs to be accomplished and you don’t know how to go about getting it done. One of those to-dos is staging a home and capturing photos, because you can’t sell your home fast in Texas without getting it online first!

Have you sold a home before? If so, you know the process, but if you are a first-time seller, this could all be new. You may be asking, what do I need to do to sell my home? Who takes pictures of my house so I can sell it? or more specifically even…who takes aerial photos of homes in Texas?

Well, look no further…

Kathy Sokolic Realty is here to help. You do not have to worry about getting the photos, that is my job. I have used a number of local photographers to successfully sell homes for years. Although, getting photos is on the “sell your home fast list” [link coming soon] it is not something you have to do personally, in fact, I do not recommend it.

Getting the highest offer for you home in Texas takes more that just listing it. We need to capture the essence of your home. We want to share the home inside and out, and give it a sense of location and community. With high-quality and unique photoservices, we will position your home in front of home buyers and wow them with an intimate experience. A perspective that will push your home above the rest.

how do I sell my home fast in austin? You get great photos and have kathy sokolic help you.

How do get great photos that will sell your home fast? We do this with a partnership of course!

Here, let me share with you, my new best friends…

Boko Media, who started in Austin in 2016, combines everything we need to make your listings really stand out. Matterport 3D tours, drone photography, and high-quality interior and exterior photos are just what we need to make my marketing POP!

As a photographic resource, Boko is top notch! Reviews have said that they work very hard to provide for their clients at a high level of professional service. I can certainly attest to that. They have been consistently available, easy to schedule, and great to work with.

Did you know that only a few years ago, over 80% of people were using the internet to search for homes? And they all wanted something visual to make their first comparisons. At least half of them said they were more comfortable visiting a property for sale after visiting via a 3D tour, and homes with tours get way more views from buyers! What do you think that stat is now?

Probably higher, and here is why…

Drone photos allow potential buyers to see where the home is in relation to the surrounding areas.

Sell my home using drone photos

Think about having a feeling of your community at large before you even visit the neighborhood. With drone photos, you can share your landscape and show how your home sits in relation to the surrounding area. With crisp professional aerial photos, buyers will get a feel of your home’s place without stretching their imagination. (Let’s help them easily imagine owning your recently-listed home.)

Walking through a home without visiting it is now a real thing

What is Matterport 3D?

Simply put. Virtual Tours baby! You know… super awesome!

Imaging being able to walk through 10 houses in one day without having to leave your home or meet up with the realtor. This is the new thing. If you don’t have a virtual tour, your home might as well be a cave in the Jurassic Period (people weren’t even around then, despite what the movies say).

Virtual tours kick butt. Seriously. I do not need to say more.

So, what do you get when you work with me (besides a world class attitude

By choosing Kathy Sokolic, you choose to take selling your home seriously. Not only do I provide professional service and a friendly attitude, but through a partnership with Boko Media we can capture your home’s character and position it in front of the rest through…

  • Aerial Photos
  • 3D home tours
  • Web Hosted Photobook
  • and a quick turnaround!

Let Kathy Sokolic take the reins and help you make the most of your listing.

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