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Pecan Street Inc. Wins Green Award

Mueller’s smart grid demonstration project is now firmly underway. Hang about any of the major thoroughfares and between the trucks and construction vehicles, you’ll see one piece of evidence of the project. You won’t hear it though.

Mueller is now home to the highest concentration of electric cars in the nation, in part due to the incentives provided by Pecan Street Inc. Chevrolet Volts and the occasional Nissan Leaf float quietly past.

Also, with over 200 rooftop solar installations, again with incentives from the smart grid project, Mueller is getting to be pretty dense in the shiny roof space too. The Austin Chronicle recognized the Pecan Street Inc, formerly known as Pecan Street Project, in it’s Best of Austin 2012, awarding it the Best Way To Turn Some Green Even Greener.

Cynics might note that the Austin Chronicle still insists on printing and distributing massive quantities of paper each year throughout the city, and might not be best placed to judge a green award, but we won’t have those cynics ruining the splendor today. Hooray for Pecan Street Inc.

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