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Mueller Town Center – When Will It Be Here?

One of the first questions I get asked by people looking to buy a home at Mueller is “When is the Town Center going to be developed?”. Here’s the answer straight from the developer.

Greg Weaver at Catellus addressed the Mueller Neighborhood Association meeting today, and one of the topics discussed was the Town Center. There have been lots of discussions about the town center – for example a focus group 15 months ago as discussed in this Mueller blog.

Here’s the clip in which he talks about the potential timeline and challenges of developing the center.

In a nutshell he said:

  • It could be three to five years out
  • Perhaps it can be developed incrementally
  • Maybe something will spring out of the Austin Children’s Museum moving here
  • The developer is considering alternative development strategies

One interesting idea, which I hope isn’t a red herring, is to indulge in the Austin boom of Airstream restaurants. Greg said that he’d been watching videos of shipping container restaurants as one alternative. Check out one example of a Müvbox in action – a green shipping restaurant.

I for one would enjoy walking to eat a few Flip Happy Crepes and some Torchy’s tacos while I wait 3 years for the town center of my dreams. Will the news that the town center is so far out affect residential sales? That remains to be seen.

Garreth Wilcock is a Mueller Resident and Realtor ® and represents buyers and sellers of homes at Mueller. What would you rather see? A full planned town center later, or an organic growth starting now – please feel free to comment!

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