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Mueller Section 7


Section 7 – still dirt

Given thedearth of Mueller resale listings and the record low housing inventory in Austin (2.0 months per ABoR February 2014), many buyers are looking to build a new home here.

Buyers with a home to sell before they buy are finding it hard (or impossible) to get contingent offers accepted, especially when they are competing with the cash buyer and non contingent buyers in multiple offer situation. Buying a new home makes this easier.

Why do new homes make this easier? Typically a new home from one of the production builders might take anywhere from five months to nine months to deliver. Within the last 45 days of construction, the building schedule is easy to predict – and a definite closing date makes it easy for a home seller to market and sell their home in time to buy the new one.

Of course there are exceptions to the “easy to predict closing date” – sometimes labor supplies run short, or a new housing style has permitting or architectural review process issues that extend a closing. Nevertheless, buying a new home is often the route chosen by buyers who have time in this market. Or those who just want a new home, or to specify the features and finish of their next abode.

There aretwo areas of new home building in Mueller right now – Section 6 and 1C around the town center, and the development getting ready for Section 7.

Where is Mueller Section 7?


Section VII is East of Berkman Drive, and at the Southern end of the neighborhood. It is bordered to the South by the Southwest Greenway, to the East by Tilley Street, to the North by a new pocket park with pool, and to the West by the Vaughan Street, the Wildflower Terrace and the Control Tower district.


Mueller’s new residential building


Sunrise by Section 7

What homes will be in Section 7?

Some of the builders have been announced, and they have scant details about the types, prices and sizes of homes that will be built. The developer Catellus is still working on infrastructure, and will hopefully release lots to the builders this summer. Looking at the illustrative plan, the home types includeYard Homes and Row Homes.

Previously the developer had mentioned that some of the homes facing the Greenway may feature larger lots, so perhaps some larger yard homes.

What New Homes Can I Buy at Mueller Right Now?

There are still homes being built on lots around the Town Center, marked 1C in the map above. There are also the occasional contracts that drop off from homes under construction. These include Shop Houses, Row Homes and Courtyard Row Homes at the market rate and some affordable Row Homes.

Some specifics of what is available in the market rate programs on March 20th 2014:

  • David Weekley Homes have one Brookshire row home – $412,990 – 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 4722 Page Street 1915 sqft
  • Streetman Homes have one Caswell courtyard row home – $436,895 – 3 bed 3 bath, 4536 Berkman Drive 2136 sqft
  • Homes By Avi have a few Shop Houses interior and exterior units – $519,000 – $539,000 – 3 bed 2.5 bath from 2099 sqft + 609 sqft commercial space on the ground floor

Coming soon will be another building of Streetman courtyard row homes so they have several available that are under construction and to be built – Caswell, McKinney and Balcones floorplans. Get in touch if you want more details.

What New Homes Are Coming By The Town Center?


Standard Pacific working on plans for new home styles (1C in map above)

Standard Pacific Homes are working on their next release of homes – both market rate and affordable that we haven’t seen before at Mueller. While plans are still in progress, it looks like there will be some interesting three story modern styled homes around the next courtyard. We haven’t seen the phrase Town Green Row Homes before for example, or the larger courtyard row homes. Get on the interest list now if you want to find out more.

How Do I Get on the Interest Lists?

There are a few ways you can get on the interest lists for the next phases of home development. We can do it for you – remember we represent buyers at no cost – or you could visit the model homes and do it by yourself. We are at 512 215 4785, or you can use our contact form to get a message to us fast.

Additionally, if you look at the top right, you’ll see an email box. If you fill in your email address there, we will update you on new and resale Mueller home listings.

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