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Section Six Marches Forth

The question on everyone’s lips right now is, “When will the next section of homes become available at Mueller?” and I really wish I had an answer. The simplest way to predict the next release of housing is simply to look at when I book a vacation, and then wait until two days after I leave the country. That’s when it typically starts.

In all seriousness, the good news is that the earth moving equipment has been working tirelessly getting things ready for Section 6. I took a walk around with my camera last weekend and snapped a few scenes.


Section Six Behind Simond Avenue

Despite overcast weather, it seems that things are moving along.


The Standard Pacific Mueller House Is in Stucco

Along Simond Avenue, the Mueller Houses are being completed and people are moving in. Congratulations to Tim and Jennie who should be moving in this week!


Big Machines Making Big Progress

In the left of this shot you can see the house wrap covering the two Standard Pacific Mueller House Six-plexes that are along Berkman.


More Luxury Apartments by the Hospital

Meanwhile, on the other side of Mueller Boulevard, work is underway on the next bunch of luxury apartments adjacent to Mosaic. Code name “Mosaic Two”.


Earth Moving Equipment Gets Closer to Austin Studios

There are a few homes hitting the market soon – a Streetman Icon Series town home, and possibly a few yard homes. I’ll post more details as they arrive.

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