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In a Seller’s Market, the Mueller MLS is More of a Post Hoc Reporting Tool

xThe Wolf of Wall Street movie recounts the tale of a new trader who gets spat out of Wall Street on Black Friday.

There was a similar sense of dejection in the real estate market when I became a Realtor in 2007. Back then, the Austin Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was strewn with listings that were either going to expire or be withdrawn. Sellers fired listing agents trying new blood and failing to believe that the market wasn’t as peachy as it had been in prior years. And Austin was far more stable than the coastal markets.


Four brokers, five listings at Mueller

So, did I decide to set up my own pump and dump scheme and sell things to people at ever increasing prices, all the while retaining my own share of the equity? No. Certainly, I would buy a bunch of Mueller homes to hang onto as investments if the timing was right, but I haven’t yet. So what’s all this about the Mueller MLS being a reporting tool?

Can I buy a Mueller Home Using the MLS?

To make a sweeping generalization, probably not, especially in the lower part or middle of the price range here, or if you want a home with a master bedroom down, or a single story home.

There are five Mueller resale homes coming up for sale that I know about today. None of them are in the MLS yet. Four of them are with other listing brokers, and one of them I know has had to quote the agent “a million showings already.” And it’s not in the MLS. Yet. I’m sure it will have many offers before it even gets that far.

How Do You Find Out About Coming Soon Listings At Mueller?

Sometimes, Scott and I see signs when we’re out in the neighborhood with the familiar “coming soon” rider.

Sometimes I know that neighbors are planning a move.

Last night a friend came over to dinner and mentioned that one of her friends was moving.

I talk to the other agents I know who live and work in the neighborhood.

Scott and I network.

Sometimes they are our listings.

Sometimes we approach homeowners and ask them if they are considering selling for our clients.

It’s a combination of things really.

How Do I Find Out About Coming Soon Listings?

There’s a little form on the top right of this page – pop your email address in there and we’ll keep you up to speed with things that are coming soon, and with new home information too as we ramp up for another busy Summer. We promise to keep your details safe and secure and not share them with anyone.

Better yet, just get in touch and put us to work. 512 215 4785.

Why Are Homes Entered into the MLS if They’re Already Sold?


In 2007 I became a Realtor when the real estate Black Friday hit – there was little singing

You see a home or your agent calls you:

“Let’s go and see 1936 Antone Street. It’s in the MLS. Let’s go see it today!”.

You get your offer in, there are already seven other offers and one has been accepted. Sometimes the MLS is used merely as a repository for sold price data. For agents to help set precedents and leave comparable sales data for the next home. No, we’re not back to the Wolf’s pump them and dump them scheme, but appraisers certainly do need access to related sales data when trying to establish values, and the MLS is a good source for them.

So just because a home is in the MLS, and the status shows “A” for active, it doesn’t mean that you can still buy it. There is a requirement for listing brokers to update the status within a certain time period after a contract is executed, and that period sometimes feels like an age when homes sell as fast as they do around here right now.

What Are Those Five Listings You Talked About?

One of them is a beautiful David Weekley Bonnell town house at 2121 Zach Scott, listed by us. More of that to follow. As for the others there are all sorts of rules about posting other brokers’ listings before they go into the MLS, and I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder. If you’d like us to help you buy one, please get in touch!

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