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Mueller Lake Park

The 140 acres of parks at Mueller are a great asset to the residents and to everyone else in Austin. Here are a few photos and answers to commonly asked questions that I hear.

Where is Mueller Lake Park?It’s in the heart of the old airport, which is only partially redeveloped at this point. The easiest way to get to it is from Airport Blvd – just turn off at Aldrich, next to the Firestation, and the park is on the other side of the traffic circle. If you’re looking for a landmark, it’s next to the giant hangar on the side of Airport Blvd.

Are Mueller parks open to the public?Yes – there are around 140 acres of park and open spaces which are available to anyone.

What do people think of Lake Park? I think it’s awesome – trails, ducks, green space I don’t have to mow, picnic tables, playscapes and trees. But that’s just my opinion, and it’s a few hundred yards from my door, so I’m biased. So I checked another review arena – Yelp! I’m a self-confessed Yelp!aholic, and I enjoy writing and reading reviews there. Most of the reviews rate it pretty highly. (More people felt compelled to review it than to review Austin’s iconic Zilker Park which I find interesting since the park at Mueller has only been open a few years compared to “Austin’s Most Loved Park” )

Can I buy a home next to the park?Yes. As of writing in 2010 there are new homes being built along Camacho Street which have an uninterupted view of the park. There are still several lots for custom homes along this street.

What’s going on in all that space opposite the park? The other exciting news is that the Austin Children’s Museum will be moving to the space around Simond and Aldrich from it’s downtown location.

What does Lake Park look like at different times of year? Here are a few photos!

Garreth Wilcock is a REALTOR specializing in homes at the Mueller Development and enjoys writing reviews on Yelp! Check out his real estate practice Sherlock Homes Austin on Yelp! and get in touch at +1 (512) 829-1351 if you want to discuss a move to, from, or within Mueller. Yes, people do move within the neighborhood even though it’s only been around a few years.

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