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Mueller Home For Sale Below $400,000

Yes, there’s a home at Mueller on the market for $384,999. It’s not tied to the income qualified Affordable program. And it’s available now, but don’t expect it to be available next weekend.

The first contract we wrote on a Mueller home was in 2007, and for many years there was a “homes for sale in Mueller under $400,000 page”. It was removed in about 2012 when it was just giving people too much hope for a home in that price bracket. There was a huge gap in affordability between income qualified homes and market rate homes, and there has been ever since.

In 2017 there were 5 homes on the market under $400,000, so all is not lost for buyers who don’t want a $500,000+ home. The thing is, these homes don’t hang about on the market for long.

The average number of days on market for these homes was four days. So four days from the time the home is live on the MLS until they’re taken off with an accepted offer.

Now normally we get wind of homes coming to market and let our buyer list know about them before they hit the MLS. (There’s a big orange “Keep me updated” button if you want to find out more about getting on this list). We help our clients get ready so that when a home like this comes along, we’re ready to act and able to put in a competitive offer. One that gives a seller confidence that we will be able to close on the purchase without any complications.

This one slipped under our radar though so we can’t give you advanced warning. It’s available to everyone today.

If you’re interested, give us a call on +1 (512) 829-1351 today.

2 bedrooms : 2 bathrooms : 1,271 square feet

Schools: Maplewood – Kealing – McCallum

2012 Unit#C Simond Avenue – listed at $384,999

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