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Mueller Development Austin – 51% Green, Plenty More To Come

The Austin Chronicle ran a story on another sustainable accolade achieved by Mueller, Austin last week. Where are we in the development and where is it heading?

The Mueller Development has been awarded a silver LEED-ND status – a new designation at the neighborhood level which allows recognition of sustainable design and construction. The US Green Building Council allowed Mueller to participate in the pilot program which rewards developments in categories such as Smart Location (Mueller is a few miles from UT and Downtown) Pattern and Design (compact development and walkable streets).

Some aspects are mandatory (walkable streets) and some score points towards the rating (solar orientation, mixed-use neighborhood centers). Ratings are silver, gold and platinum, and at 51 points out of 100 Mueller is silver.

There are some 4600 homes planned for Mueller, of which around 400 are occupied presently. The timeline for development has been extended and the roll out of new homes has been modified. While the original plan called for development to move East of Berkman, it seems slated to move North now – towards the planned town center.

While the developer is still waiting to reveal exact plans, it sounds like denser development is coming: town homes and possibly Mueller Houses may be the next steps along Berkman. Maybe this more compact development will help the neighborhood gain the next rating level – LEED-ND Gold.

I’ll write some more about the developer’s announcements as they happen, and talk about implications for future home buyers and existing home sellers.

Garreth Wilcock is a Realtor resident in the Mueller Development. Search homes at the old airport.

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