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I drank the kool-aid in 2007 and became part of the Mueller Community – by that I don’t just mean joining the website, but moving in and meeting up with the folks in the neighborhood. At first, I thought the neighborhood was vibrant as everyone had just moved in, and this translated into different social activities and getting to put faces to names. This was compared to my old neighborhood in East Austin where many of the active residents had moved decades before. I thought the enthusiasm might fade but it hasn’t.

I met a couple fromCircle C over at one of my pocket listings (off the MLS) a few weeks back. They love their neighborhood as there are lots of amenities and activities, and are considering a move over here for geographic reasons – it’s much closer to both of their jobs. Think a seven minute commute rather than a half hour each way. They see and hear the same thing about the community here. There are a few different groups organizing events, and here are a few examples:

  • Catellus are organizing the Noel sign lighting on the old control tower tonight – from 6p-8p. It’s the sixth annual, and they’ll have the Reagan High School drum line as part of the entertainment. I have friends who will be coming over from Cherrywood to enjoy the festivities – these are by no means exclusive events and keep the spirit of the land being part of the city, not a private development.
  • The Lights of Love 5k and Kids K is this Friday December 2nd. Dogs, kids and anyone else can come along and trot through the neighborhood in support of the Ronald McDonald House – also in the neighborhood. This again is open to anyone and goes right by my front porch. And that’s another big part of the neighborhood – front porches. I know I’ll see a bunch of neighbors hanging out on their porches or by the street, waving and handing out everything from libations to glow sticks. This probably takes me back to the kool-aid point, where I’m a little biased, but it’s hard not to feel good about your community when they’re out supporting something. The endorphins help of course.
  • Just looking at the community site, there are neighbor organized events coming up in the next few weeks – everything from a Book Club, to a Baby Boomers meeting to a Bike Ride. The Neighborhood Association is active too, and very well attended for a neighborhood of our size.
  • Looking at the private facebook groups that span Mueller, you can see the 300+ members are swapping tickets, passing along items, asking each other for cups of sugar and – for want of a better phrase – participating in the community.

I guess my point is that the neighborhood has been designed to foster community – porches, density, shared public spaces – and the residents and the local businesses are making it happen. While out and about, it may look like a development full of folks with strollers and dogs. Online it appears to be Boomers and Book Clubs. If you get past first appearances and join in, there’s a great deal more to discover.You can participate as much or as little as you care to – the opportunity is there.

The Lights of Love goes past one of my listings – check out 2128 Antone Street [edit – sold now!] while you’re running or cheering.

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