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Mueller Austin Pool

Pool at Mueller?That’s right, there are in fact three pools right now at the Mueller Development. I can see the reason that two of them are under wraps at the Mosaic apartments – and are available for residents only. The public pool at Mueller seems to be a closely guarded secret though, and I’m not quite sure why.

Mosaic is a set of apartment buildings which offer an enclave to the tenants including a fitness center and the use of the pools which often have activities and parties. It makes sense to me that they don’t let anyone else in. Here’s a shot of one of the pools on the right.

The pool at Ella Wooten Park at 2047 McCloskey Street is a different kettle of fish though. Since the development is built on the site of the old airport, the City of Austin has a fair say in the usage of the land, and the pool there is also for public use. Part of the time.

The residents each pay a $7.50 homeowners fee for the facility, and we get to use it for extended hours (before the lifeguards get there, and after they go home, and earlier and later in the season).

It is open to the public for a small fee when lifeguards are present, though curiously to me, it isn’t listed on the City of Austin pool schedule. There’s an explanation of the pool’s hybrid nature on the MuellerAustinOnline site, which says it’s a Class B licensed pool part time (open to the public) and a Class C licensed pool the rest of the time (open to residents and their accompanied guests).

Given that the pool on McCloskey St is really stunning – a child’s splash area with shade umbrellas and a large lap pool over 8 feet deep in places – I’m surprised it’s not promoted more, especially as at least one of the closest neighborhood pools (Bartholomew) is closed for repairs.

When is the Mueller Pool open? It adhere’s to a similar season to other Austin pools for the public portion, and the opening times are:

Public: Tuesdays to Sundays 1p-7p – aka Open Swim.
Residents: Tuesdays to Sundays 5am – noon, and 7:30p – 10p

Since we wrote this article, Mueller has gained some pools – see the new Mueller Pools page.

If you’re in the vicinity, as a resident, I cordially invite you to check it out during the open swim time. It’s great when the 100 degree days are here.

Garreth Wilcock is a Mueller REALTOR and writes about homes and living in the area.

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