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Mueller Affordable Rental Program

I got this Mueller Austin question today, and I thought I would answer it here for the benefit of anyone else who is interested.

“I am interested in receiving Mueller guidelines for income to qualify for an Affordable Home for Rental.”

The essence of the Mueller Affordable Rental program are that you must earn less than 60% of the Austin Median Family Income for your family size to qualify for the program. Each year, the Department of Housing and Urban Development releases the figures for the Austin area. Right now in 2013, the numbers would be:

Austin Median Family Income – $73,200. This is for a family of four people.

Depending on your family size, the qualifying amount under which would have to earn is:

Single person$30,780.00
Family of 3$39,540.00
Family of 4$43,920.00
Family of 5$47,460.00
Family of 6$51,000.00
Family of 7$54,480.00
Family of 8$58,020.00

This is based on my interpretation of the numbers for the income guidelines with some extrapolation, so it would be best to check with the rental community in question before you assume you are or aren’t qualified. Also, this is based on numbers from December 2012, and again they vary a little. You can see the old Austin Median Family Income here back in 2010. It changes a little each year, but not by a vast amount, or hasn’t at least in the last 6 years since I’ve been watching it. Again, it’s best to check with the experts and give one of the numbers below a call.

Another few questions I get asked are listed here:

“Can I rent a free-standing home under the affordable program?”

As of Spring 2013, the answer is no. You can rent in one of the rental communities here (apartments).

“What are the Mueller Affordable Rental Communities?”

Right now, there is Mosaic (no age limit) and the Wildflower Terrace (over 55s only). In August 2013 or thereabouts, Elements at Mueller will be added. All three are mixed-use with shops and office space below.

“How do I apply for the Mueller Affordable Rental Program or double check income?”

The best way is to select your community and get in touch – Mosaic is at (512) 474-5483 and The Wildflower Terrace is at (512) 843-3801.

I hope that helps with your plans to live in Mueller Austin TX! 512 215 4785

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