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Motorcycle Tour of Mueller Austin


I went out yesterday on my motorcycle to take a tour and capture just how much construction is underway in Mueller Austin. I see it every day and am used to seeing concrete trucks and heavy dirt moving equipment and cranes in action on every street, though sometimes I forget that people from out of town don’t realize just how much the RMMA neighborhood is booming.

Quick trip synopsis:

The video tour winds around and starts off with the new 6-plex condos, heads back to the Town Center area and the Thinkery, before showing the new parking garage. Then it’s off past Mosaic to the Eateries by the Browning Hangar, and onto Airport Boulevard. After the traffic circle, we pass Elements at Mueller and head down Mueller Boulevard past the Dell Children’s Medical Center to 51st Street. I leave out the regional retail, as most of us know what big box stores look like, though that does mean I skipped the new Mattress Firm, and the extended stay hotel. We do see the site of the Mueller AISD Performing Arts Center before I make the turn right onto 51st Street.

Along 51st Street you can see the water tower in the distance, before we head down the newly opened Berkman to the HEB anchored Market District. After that it’s past some of new row homes under construction and the land by the Town Center being prepared for building, and then down Berkman before turning right on Philomena to see the new construction there. After a few lefts we’re on Robert Browning checking out the location of the Shop Houses and Paggi Square.

We turn right back onto Berkman Drive to see the Pike Powers Commercialization Lab. You can see the open area of land on the East of Berkman by the control tower, and also across from the Wildflower Terrace. Then we head down Tom Miller, and turn right on Mattie Street towards Ella Wooten park and the pool, before heading back past Lake Park to Section 6 and park pointing at the Town Center.

If you’re interested in relocating here, please get in touch or call 512 215 4785. I’d be happy to give you a tour of the area, and I won’t make you sit on the back of a motorcycle!

It’s nice to be recognized as a Mueller expert, so when I was invited to talk on The Austin Real Estate Voice, I was keen to share what I know. I set the tour video to the audio excerpt of me on the radio show, and there are some time lapse videos of various residential construction projects at the end. Enjoy!

When does the Mueller HEB open? One new thing I noticed was the sign in the Mueller HEB window saying that the opening would be 26th July 2013.

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