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Meritage Homes

Meritage Homes Corporation were one of the initial six builders at Mueller and had single family homes in the lottery scheme. The scheme allocated places in line to buy homes based on a random drawing of names for registered buyers.

Meritage yard homes spanned the size range, with affordable homes and market rate homes ranging from two bedroom single story houses to 2300+sqft four bedroom two story houses. As of 2011, Meritage have 12 active building communities in Austin, though they are no longer building at Mueller, where they built around 52 new houses.

The firm started in the mid 1980s as Monterey Home Corporation in Scottsdale Arizona, and had a large focus on the Texas market, selling homes also under the Legacy name to service the lower end of the market. They were named builder of the year in Texas for over half of the 2000-2010 period, and by 2007 was the 13th largest home builder in the US.

Each different elevation for each floorplan at Mueller was given a different name, and the plans are also referenced by number. For example the 1901 Johnson D elevation, has the same room structure as the 1901 Walker C. All homes were rated 3 star in the Austin Energy Green Building Program.

Meritage moved their construction trailer from one lot which still lies vacant, and it will interesting to see if they return back for another phase of development.

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