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Meritage at Mueller Austin – Job Done. For Now.

Why is there a “for rent” sign where the Meritage model home on Antone Street used to be? There’s not much left for Meritage to sell of their existing lots. One home at the last count. So there’s not much reason for them to have a model home in Mueller right now.

Is this normal? This is pretty standard operating practice for some builders. They will sell their fully furnished models and then rent them back to use as model homes.

Meritage haven’t owned the home in some time, but given that they had a “Meritage model home” sign outside, no-one noticed.

Buying a model home can be a good opportunity for an investor – typically a builder in a model home is a great tenant. They pay the rent and keep things in tip top condition -did you ever see a model home with dead grass or bad landscaping?

So Meritage don’t need a model home right now. David Weekley have sold one of their model row homes, and have their Willie model for sale right now too.

Why is the sign big and red? Well it made you notice didn’t it!
Are there any more homes for sale at Mueller? Yes, there are some new homes and some resale opportunities pop up too. Right now there are 24 homes in the MLS, of which 10 are under contract. What this means is that the remaining homes are selling quickly and that inventory is low.

Given that the available 14 and a few custom home lots represent all the remaining lots that the builders have to work on, it’s likely that homes under $600k won’t be around for long.

When is the next phase of development in Mueller? That’s the million dollar question right now. We’re anticipating some news from Catellus in 2010. For now, all is quiet on the western front.

I want to buy a model home at Mueller. How do I do that? There are still some remaining models on the ground – David Weekley, Standard Pacific and Streetman still have model homes. While they’re not listed for sale, you might want to consider getting a Realtor and making an offer.

How do I rent a home at Mueller? Many leases at Mueller pop up on the MLS – here’s a link to active leases in Mueller.

So while I might not expect any more “for rent” signs on model homes at Mueller, I fully expect some “for sale” signs until the developer reveals the next phase of development.

Garreth Wilcock is a resident and Realtor at Mueller Austin where he keeps his finger on the pulse of homes for sale.

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