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Meet Michael Kallstrom with Nature’s Treasures, Austin’s Earth and Spirituality Store

Kathy and Michael at Nature's Treasures during their interview and tour

Austin’s One-Stop-Shop for Earth, Spirituality, and Geology

The main entrance of Nature's Treasures, with their motto "We Rock" emblazoned above the door.

Nature’s Treasures is the leading earth and spirituality store in Austin. Their 7,000 square foot retail showroom includes a large retail store with a wide selection of crystals, minerals, fossils, agates, gemstones, jewelry, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and salt lamps, as well as, books, CDs, cards, candles, incense, Texas souvenirs, and unique gifts. The Rock Yard is their bulk section, with a purchase minimum of a half pound. These rocks line a path to the Rock Depot, where there are boulders, decorator pieces, natural-scape accents, lapidary equipment, tools, jewelry-making materials, and cutting, drilling, and polishing services are offered.

Assorted crystals on display, Nature's Treasures has many to choose from.

Also on site is a 3,000 square foot Community Event Center and 1,200 square foot Studio perfect for hosting a variety of metaphysical and community events, classes, and seminars and available for public rental. A Practitioner’s Room provides a convenient location for massage therapists, readers, and professionals to meet clients. Along with workshops and events in the Community Event Center, Nature’s Treasures features daily practitioners in the store. Nature’s Treasures has been serving the Austin community as the leading earth and spirituality store since 2000!

Meet Michael

I interviewed Michael Kallstrom, the Retail Manager/Marketing Director of Nature’s Treasures on my Youtube Channelhere. Michael talks about how his fascination with geology was inspired by his architect father who would often travel to Native American reservations for work and return with rocks and crystals with their accompanying stories and superstitions. During our chat, he said, “this helped me appreciate them not only for their outward natural beauty but also for their cultural significance.”

BIG Selection at Austin’s Earth and Spirituality Store

Nature’s Treasures boasts the largest sit-in geode on the entire North American continent! If you’re wondering, it is for sale at a reasonable price of $110,000! Don’t worry though, there are a wide variety of much more affordable minerals and geological spectacles such as Quartz, Amethyst, and fossils!

Nature's Treasures' famous sit-in geode which is the largest in North America!
Massive Megalodon Fossil on display amongst the many other large minerals and fossils

Micahel Kallstrom gave me a complete tour of the store’s 14,000-square-foot campus during our YouTube interview,check it out here!

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