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Meet Chris and Gwen with Rogers Boyz BBQ in Austin!

Chris and Gwen, owners of Rogers Boyz BBQ with Kathy Sokolic

Black-Owned Austin BBQ Business

Rogers Boyz has their smokers and grill outside, while their storefront that sells their delicious Austin BBQis inside the gas station

Today I spoke with Chris and Gwen, co-owners of the Rogers Boyz BBQ trailer. Rogers Boyz isn’t your average Austin BBQ joint. They started out that way when they were catering with their home as a kitchen, but after establishing their locations they told themselves “we need to bring something new to the table.” Their menu is quite unique: they offer tamales, enchiladas, nachos, baked potatoes, and mac n’ cheese, to which you can add any type of meat! There are plenty of meats to choose from, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to how many meats you want to add! They specialize in brisket, juicy falling-off-the-bone turkey legs, chicken, sausage, and ribs. You can even find delicious vegetarian-friendly options like potato mac and cheese nachos! Rogers Boyz offers a wide array of options in order to satisfy the tastebuds of every Austinite.

How It All Started

Chris explains that before he opened Rogers Boyz he had a moving company and Gwen was doing hair. At the time, Chris would invite his employees to cookouts on the weekends. Gwen’s customers would also ask where she got that barbecue because of how good it looked. Everyone that bit into their barbecue loved it, creating enough demand to go from selling it to friends on the weekends to making it their full-time job! Before they made the shift, they would visit trailers and restaurants and think “we can do this, our food is delicious!”

From there, the couple started their journey by catering for their friends and family and once the word got around, they were catering events all over central Texas. After hustling and reinvesting in their business, they were able to open their first trailer location on IH-35 and Braker Ln!

Inside the gas station, Rogers Boyz has a counter, kitchen, and menu for their gourmet Austin BBQ

Later on, they moved to Seguin and business was still booming! Chris would visit Austin on the weekends with the trailer, setting up shop at parks. With COVID going around, he faced some challenges doing that, so he decided to move back to Austin and start renting their current location on 5618 Manor Rd. They also now have a second location near 7th and Red River in downtown Austin.

Chris and Gwen are so confident in their food that they offer you to try it before you buy, and people always end up buying! Rogers Boyz is on track to be one of the best Austin BBQ experiences! Try some for yourself at either of their Austin locations! To watch my full Youtube interview with Chris and Gwen, click here.

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