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Meet Cabel Adkins with ATX Audio Post

Meet Cabel Adkins

Cabel’s Start in Audio Post

Cabel Adkins at ATX Audio Post

At a very young age, Cabel had a fascination with music. He says he got that from his dad, who was always making and playing music at home. Throughout high school, Cabel had a dream of working in the music industry and recording music with bands. He always thought this was kind of a pipe dream so he pursued other interests. He found himself in the world of video and film. When he realized he could do audio and film and animation together, he knew he found a perfect fit. This moment set his life on its current trajectory.

Cabel moved to Austin after finishing school and found a group of people working in audio post. They started a studio together in the East Cesar Chavez area and he worked with them for a while. Eventually, they all branched out and Cabel found a studio space of his own. That space is now ATX Audio Post, located in central Austin which has been a perfect place for his studio with easy access to downtown for a lot of the local ad agencies and clients he works with.

>What is Audio Post?

Inside ATX Audio Post studio

Audio post is short for audio post-production. This generally refers to when you have sound for videos that needs recording and editing, voice-over work, or sound effects. At ATX Audio Post, Cabel provides audio post-production and sound design services for ad agencies, filmmakers, animators, and podcasters.

One of his favorite projects to work on is animation. It allows him to be creative while working and putting everything together. Cabel describes it as kind of like a puzzle or building a whole new world and finds it very fulfilling once it is complete. In fact, this is one of the reasons he got into this work in the first place!

Another one of the coolest things he works on are the movies and films that get released in theaters nationwide. “It’s always very cool when there’s something that’s nationally broadcast, released, or on streaming and you can say hey I had a hand in that,” Cabel said.

Check out his website to see all of the services offered, examples of previous work, and even book a recording session!

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