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Meet Andy Means with Hank’s in Northeast Austin

Hank's in Northeast Austin

Cafe, Comfort, and Gourmet Cooking

The beautiful front entrance of Hank's location in Northeast Austin

This beautiful restaurant, bar, and cafe is in the Windsor Park neighborhood of northeast Austin. Hank’s offers a wide array of options. There is something for everyone – with southern staples like shrimp and grits to gruyere turkey sandwiches made on Hank’s specialty-made in-house bread. In addition to their bread, the fresh pastries and pasta are also made in-house! Whether you are looking to grab a coffee and a quick bite on your way to work or stop by for dinner with the family, Hank’s has it all!

A Space That Inspires in Northeast Austin

Tables with chairs on Hank's outdoor patio in Northeast Austin!

Hank’s has an aesthetically pleasing modern minimalist interior with a variety of plants, a wrap-around bar, and oversized windows that let natural light fill the room. The exterior includes a spacious shaded patio complete with cozy booths and chair seating. As soon as you arrive, it becomes apparent that Hank’s has perfectly curated a serene, homey, and fulfilling atmosphere. Hank’s offers an array of features such as catering, happy hour, water bowls for your furry friends, and coloring activities on menus for the kiddos.

Although relatively new to the scene, Hank’s has quickly become an Austin favorite – and for a good reason! From the beautiful modern architecture and interior design to the artisanal menu, Hank’s is a highlight of northeast Austin and the city as a whole!

The History Behind Hank’s

The northeast Austin restaurant’s namesake honors Henri, the grandfather of co-owner Andy Means. Henri was affectionately nicknamed “Hank” by his family and friends. He was fun-loving and loved to entertain, often hosting lively parties. Andy hopes that his patrons feel Hank’s welcoming spirit whenever they visit!

You can read even more about Hank’s, make reservations, or order take-out on their website at To watch the full interview between Andy and me, click here!

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