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Meet Ana Esparza with Manor Fit Community

Kathy Sokolic and Ana Esparza

Ana Esparza

Ana Esparza moved to Austin 15 years ago when she was just 15 years old. Her father left her family when she was young, leaving her mother to care for her and her four younger brothers. Her family did not have a lot of money growing up so she moved away to Austin in hopes that she would be able to help support them. Ana had hopes that her brothers would have the opportunity to go to school, unlike her. When she got to Austin she started working three jobs, allowing her to send money home to her family. She eventually got to a point in her life where she realized that although she was helping others, she was not taking care of or helping herself.

Once she realized that she was not taking care of herself, she decided to change her lifestyle. After working out more and changing her diet, she realized that she had so much more energy! Ana wanted to find a way to help others feel the same way.

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Manor Fit Community

In February 2020 she found a space that would be perfect for her next undertaking and signed a four-year lease. Her goal was to open a community space that provides workout plans along with healthy snacks and shakes. The next step was finding customers; however, this was proving to be a difficult task as Covid-19 was becoming widespread around the same time. She tried handing out fliers, but people were reluctant to take them. This time was incredibly hard for her. Ana gave up her apartment and got a membership at the gym to use the showers. Her dog also ended up getting sick and she had to put her to sleep last year. At the beginning of 2023, her rent went up again. She made the hard decision to move her business out of the neighborhood she had grown to love to a new location in Manor.

Y’all, Ana is a strong woman. Do not count her out.

Ana was persistent and kept working hard, and eventually, the people came! Ana’s goal is to create a community and change people’s lives. Hopefully, people will feel the same way she felt when she started her journey of taking care of herself.

When you first visit Manor Fit Community you will get one free class. If you like it you can come back and pay for whatever classes you want. You also receive an energy drink before your workout and a protein shake afterward. Join for any goal you may have! Whether it is to gain muscle, lose weight, have more energy, or just be part of the community, this place will welcome you. You can find information and hours for Manor Fit Community on their Facebook page. To hear more about Ana’s story make sure to listen to the full interview on my YouTube channel!

Kathy Sokolic

Meet Kathy

… a cat lover and local aficionado, she goes out of her way to discover the best that Austin, Texas has to offer: from local businesses and schools, to local events and entertainment.

Kathy knows Austin.
Kathy knows community.
Kathy knows home.

You want to know what Austin has to offer, and when homes are hitting the market, you want to be the first to know.

Having lived in Austin since 2004, Kathy is your key to unlocking the city.

Interested in moving to the area? Book a chat with Kathy!

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