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Meet Amish Patel with Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming

Woof Gang Bakery

Amish’s Inspiration

Front entrance of Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

Meet Amish Patel, owner and operator of Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming, a one-stop shop for pet supplies and dog grooming.

Amish always loved animals as a kid, but he didn’t end up getting a pet of his own until his junior year at The University of Texas at Austin. He then adopted his first dog, Ava. Amish would visit Mueller Lake Park, where plenty of other dog owners also gathered, during his time as a student and discovered the need for a local dog store. He decided to take the leap and open up a Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming franchise in Mueller’s Aldrich District.

Grooming Done Right at Woof Gang

A groomer working on a young puppy

Amish takes his work very seriously! Average grooming can take about 3-4 hours. However, there have been exceptional cases where he has had to start and stop for over 15 hours due to the condition or temperament of the dog. The grooming staff is well known for being extremely wonderful to the dogs and being able to soothe any upset pups!

The store itself has a wide variety of dog products as well as a designated cat section, making Woof Gang a true one-stop shop for pets and their owners. The bakery consists of adorable “dog cookies” for all occasions, such as “gotcha days”, birthdays, or just because! Customers can pick up a new leash, a new toy, or some dog treats as well.

The shop floor of the Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming store in northeast Austin's Mueller neighborhood

If a customer is searching for an item they don’t have in stock, they will place an order for it and then carry it in the store as space allows! Woof Gang has received incredible support from their community and surrounding areas. Many of their customers continue to return to them for their pet supply needs.

Watch our full online interview on my YouTube channel. And next time you need to stock up on any pet supplies make sure to visit Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming at 1911 Aldrich St Suite 180, Austin, TX 78723 or check out their website!

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