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Living at Mueller Austin

How is life at Mueller Austin? It’s a hard question to answer for anyone considering relocating here, and the National Association of Realtors will always say that an agent can’t answer demographic questions subjectively. Suffice it to say that there are all walks of life here – multi-generational families, young upwardly mobile types, retirees and everyone in between.

Rather than diving into my opinions about the Mueller community, here’s an unprompted opinion that I can share. I was copied on an email about Mueller Austin this morning, and I asked the neighbor who sent it if I could reproduce it, and she said yes. I removed a few identifying remarks, and here it is:

I’m sending you Garreth Wilcock’s real estate site . Garreth is a real estate agent who lives at Mueller and specializes in homes here. You and your wife might find Mueller a congenial neighborhood close in to downtown and UT and convenient by surface streets to much of Austin, including your […] office.
We have a highly-involved community with a great mix of professions, occupations, income levels and lifestyles. There are miles of walking and biking trails, and about 75 acres of the eventual 150 acres of parkland. We have cycle clubs, book clubs, dinner clubs, cocktail party clubs, knitting clubs, garden clubs, prairie-restoration clubs, and many community-wide and block-wide social gatherings. It’s great for someone new in Austin who is looking to meet new friends.

We have lived here since Mueller opened (as has Garreth) and are delighted with our choice. There are a lot of new homes to be built in the coming year, from single family homes to 4 and 6-unit condos. Resales tend to go quickly here, unless you are looking over $600,000, so when you see something you like you have to act quickly. Leases are sometimes available and are a good way to find out if Mueller is compatible.

Garreth is a Brit by birth and Austinite by choice, so he has an interesting point of view on Mueller.

Good luck in your hunt for a community!

So to recap, living at Mueller is different for different folk. I invite you to come over, and I can show you around to see if it’s a fit for you. 512 215 4785

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