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Is There Anything To Do At Mueller?

I often describe Mueller as overtly all strollers and dogs, as the neighborhood has some great hike and bike trails, and if you have kids and/or dogs that need exercise and/or company, we have 140 acres of parks. I know you’re not supposed to walk your dogs on the huge swathes of undeveloped land still owned by the city with huge “no trespassing signs” on, but I’m sure people do that too.

I met a friend of a neighbor on Monday. She lives in Great Hills in a beautiful home that she had built, had remodeled and has finished out quite exquisitely. She is considering a move to Mueller, though her home lacks for nothing. I think she has been impressed by the sense of community here on her visits with my neighbor, and has also followed the story of the development as a keen proponent of new urbanism.

Many residents do describe a strong sense of community here, and this is partly by design. Most homes have porches and promote neighborly interactions, and if you look out from your porch the well lit pedestrian friendly sidewalks see more foot traffic than in a less dense neighborhood. Indeed there are many cultures and subcultures beyond the most obvious tribe of runners and dog-walkers.

Many activities and groups are grass roots – from Boomer Clubs to Book Clubs to Cyclists to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Club – there are many social groups which have formed and are managed by residents, and are organized using the groups page of the community website. The Mueller Neighborhood Association has a social events committee and neighbors can apply for grants to hold events such as a fall festival.

In addition to neighbor run activities, the Browning Hangar hosts events and galas, and the master developer has a calendar of planned events There’s often a run, walk, party or celebration to wander up to if the mood takes you.

Tomorrow is a perfect example of an event that attracts people from surrounding areas to enjoy Lake Park – it’s a costume movie night with a cause. Time Warner sponsor a giant inflatable screen and put on Beauty and the Beast. Catellus will bring something to share I’m sure, and will match online contributions up to $5000 to the Mueller Neighbors for Novels book drive which benefits the Dell Children’s Medical Center. So if you’re in the area, stop by any time after 6:30p to get a feel for things. And bring a new or nearly new book or DVD for the families staying at Dell Children’s.

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