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Is Mueller Austin Pet Friendly?

It often seems to the casual visitor to Mueller Austin that residents are fitted with a stroller and a dog when they arrive, such is their prevalence on the trails and in the parks. Certainly my family has a dog and there are ample opportunities to walk him, and we could slap our two kids in a stroller to join the crowd. However, this post isn’t about the appeal of the neighborhood to animals – it’s about a document all purchasers can see when they buy a resale home here: the resale disclosure certificate.

Specifically it has a paragraph about pets:

Are pets permitted? Yes
Are there any pet restrictions?No more than 3 household pets are allowed in the aggregate, not more than 2 of which may be dogs. Pets may not run at large and may not be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or to become a nuisance. “See Article 2.05 of the Mixed Use Covenant”. Also, no exotic pets, pit bulls terrier, trained attack dogs or other animals determined to be a potential threat.

Article 2.05 of the Mueller Covenants also expands on the theme saying that you can’t keep pigs, goats or chickens here. It also says that you have to keep things in your yard sanitary (if you need someone to help with that, I recommend Poop 911)

So in my opinion, Mueller is pet friendly subject to breed and number.

Another question we get asked all the time is, “Where is the off-leash dog park in Mueller?”

Unfortunately, the main parks are public property – this means that you can’t have your dog (or cat for that matter) off leash.

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