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Homes at the Mueller Development

The Mueller development lot map has been recently updated to show the location of the new homes currently under construction. The new homes map is here though things tend to move around as the development grows, so I took a screen shot of the salient points for discussion below.

The Mueller Houses are the new condos at Mueller, and are located around Simmond Avenue.

The only thing that has changed recently is the allocation of the lots which directly face Mueller Lake Park. These are no longer to be Mueller Houses, which still leaves 12 buildings in the next phase of development, which is part of Mueller Section 5 as the lot map shows. In a recent PIAC meeting, the neighborhood designers explained that the lines of the Houses would not fit the character of the homes facing the park, which include some of the highest price homes in the neighborhood on Camacho Street.

The common misconception I hear when talking to people about the new Garden Homes is illustrated below. Not all of the Garden Homes actually face a shared greenspace, so not all will be like those in the Garden Courts built by Saldana and the Muskin Company.

Eight homes face the Southwest Greenway across Tom Miller, and nine homes face Antone Street. These 17 homes will not have a common courtyard, and given the dimensions of the homes, it is unlikely they will have much yard space at all, except for the one which corners on Threadgill Street. This street is being extended between Antone and Tom Miller and will run all the way up to Camacho.

The infrastructure for the Garden Homes is being implemented right now, so I anticipate that homes will be selling in the next month.[edit: the first purchase contracts were written on 10/08/2010]

Garreth Wilcock is a real estate agent who specializes in helping people buy and sell homes at the Mueller Development. Ask questions in the comment section below, or call 512 215 4785.

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