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Five types of Fonzie at Mueller

For the uninitiated, the Fonzie is the carriage house or garage apartment at Mueller (think of where the Fonz used to live in Happy Days). In the last 18 months I have listed and sold two Standard Pacific resale homes with a Fonzie – both were very popular. But there are other types of garage apartment that we haven’t yet seen on the resale market. As I pointed out in a blog post over 4 years ago, Streetman’s Rio Grande and Brazos plans also allow for the additional living space.


By ABC Television (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

While the Stan Pac carriage house is typically around 600 sqft, and has a bedroom, bathroom and living / kitchen, the Streetman carriage house comes in three varieties as seen below. These were options on the 55′ yard homes – the Artisan collection which started selling in 2007.


Three Streetman Fonzie Layouts

The first option allows for a separate office, game room or music room, while the second has a bathroom and kitchen rather like an open plan efficiency studio. It also benefits from a balcony. The third is the most similar to Stan Pac’s with a separate bedroom. As far as I know, only one was actually built and it was the center layout above.

The fifth type of garage apartment is that on the Custom and Estate homes – and one of the resale custom homes currently has what it describes as a “caretakers cottage” the home at 4213 Camacho Street – which is displayed below if it is still available.

Will there be new homes with Fonzies? Right now homes are being built smaller and denser and an smaller lots than the custom, Streetman and Stan Pac homes Homes, and it isn’t clear if we’ll see any more of the larger homes that support a Fonzie any time soon. If you’re interested in living in Muller in a home with separate living quarters, please get in touch.

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