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Five Reasons To Use Garreth Wilcock as Your Buyers Agent at Mueller

There are typically around 8000-12000 licensed real estate agents in Austin at any given time, and there’s a fair chance that someone you know has a friend or relative who is an agent that they like. So why would you use me to purchase your home at Mueller?

  1. Local Knowledge. I’m an expert in homes for sale at Mueller. I live here, and I am intimately familiar with pricing, inventory and floorplans. I can tell you if what your looking for exists, and if it is likely to become available.
  2. Expertise. I know the ins and outs of the purchase process, and the little peculiarities that are involved in buying a home here – all about the HOA working capital contributions and fees, and how to write them in a contract. If you look at the MLS, I have represented more buyers and sellers at Mueller than any other agent.
  3. Network. My network knows Mueller – wouldn’t you rather work with a third party inspector who has inspected a green home like yours before, and a lender who knows about appraisals in the area? Why hire a generalist when you can hire a specialist with more experience and expertise at no additional cost?
  4. Reputation. I live here, so I’m going to make sure you’re happy with the purchase as I’ll probably see you at the pool from time to time, and I live and die by my reputation.
  5. Ear to the ground. I find out about homes for sale before other agents do, which means my clients get the first look at homes. In a low inventory situation this can make the difference between getting the home you want and getting into a multiple offer situation on a home you want.

The other thing is that if you’re not sure you want to buy a home here, I’m not going to try to talk you into it. I’m going to be upfront about small trees and small yards. I have many clients who contacted me thinking about moving to Mueller Austin, and who I have found homes for in other neighborhoods that better suit them. And if I’m not the right person to represent you in that neighborhood, I’ll let you know and put you in touch with someone who is.

Get in touch if you’re considering buying a home at Mueller.

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