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Extending the What?

Since Mueller is a master-planned development in partnership with the City of Austin and the developer Catellus, there is a Master Development Agreement (MDA) in place that dictates what happens in Mueller, how it looks, and by when. The original MDA expires December 2, 2024.

Well, Catellus ain’t done yet!

The city Economic Development Department (EDD) and Catellus were making a list of what still remained to be completed in the neighborhood as the expiration date was approaching. If the MDA expired, there would be no mechanism to pay the developer for the work they did after the fact. There are still several projects outstanding that, despite everyone’s best efforts, will not be completed prior to December.

Big projects not completed include some green spaces: the Tannehill Trail extension off Tilley and 51st and the Roger Levon Taylor Sr. Plaza around the old control tower. There are also a few projects in the works, like additional housing by Jessie Andrews Park, a few other residential parcels not sold yet, and let’s not forget the Browning Hangar.HEREis a presentation given to the Mueller Commission and an audio recording of the meeting can be foundHERE.

Even during the economic recession (when a lot of the “pioneers” moved in between 2007 and 2009), the MDA was not extended, despite the pause in development. Covid also saw a dramatic decrease in work, yet the MDA was not extended then, either. Even in today’s economic environment, high interest rates are making it harder to finance larger projects, but this is the first time an extension has been on the table.

The Mueller Team of EDD and Catellus is seeking Mueller Commission support and City Council approval for an extension of the MDA by at least two years – the proposed new end date as of this writing is December 31, 2026. This extension will allow City staff and Catellus to complete the above-mentioned efforts, plus continue to ensure third-party development occurs as planned. The extension will be on the agenda for the Mueller Commission on May 14th and the City Council agenda May 30th.

This is great news to ensure everything gets completed. I also have some asks that I’d really like to see Catellus handle before departing. If we lived in a perfect world, what would you want to see before the developer leaves?

But don’t worry!

The Property Owners’ Association majority will still be handed over to the residents at this year’s annual meeting. That’s exciting! Stay tuned for more on that…

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