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Dr. Tony Tobin, Adam’s Music House

Adam’s Music House

Hard because we had to memorize everything. But I never stopped loving the instrument or the music and still love attending the symphony, especially with my parents.

Adam’s Music House is something special in Windsor Park, which is kind of north-central-east Central Texas. It is an intimate space dedicated to the love of classical piano music offering fellowships, master classes, and performances using its vast library and two grand pianos.

Adam’s Music House

One of these pianos has more than 88 keys. MORE THAN 88 KEYS!

Dr. Tobin has studied classical piano for decades and is a master in his own right. You can see him play The Fairies are Exquisite Dancers: Debussy’s Piano in Brive HERE, and trust me when I say you’ll be mesmerized. Keep digging into Dr. Tobin’s channel, because you’ll also find other gems, like Le piano du rêve 9, HERE.

As the Artistic Director of Adam’s Music House, Dr. Tobin assists with the master classes, performances, facilitating fellowships, and also offers lessons to students of all abilities. If you’re ready to jump in and become the next classical master, contact him right away. Lessons can still be given remotely until it is safe to reconvene together.

You can check out Adam’s YouTube channel for other master performances and Dr. Tobin’s video blogs. Catch other live performance updates on their Facebook page.

And watch my interview with Dr. Tobin below. I’m beyond honored that he spent a little time with me to talk about Adam’s Music House.

You can contact Dr. Tony Tobin at telegraph_mtn(at)yahoo(dotted)com or 512-585-8477. Let’s continue to support the arts and shine a light on the hidden gems Central Texas has to offer.

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