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Things To Do After Closing

Mail to Mueller is delivered to cluster mailboxes, and after closing on a new home, you need to get a copy of the mailbox key. Also you need to find out which cluster is yours – it’s not always obvious, and depends on when permits for home construction were submitted to the post office for the street / area you are moving into.

Also, if you lease a home at Mueller, or buy a resale home, you may not get the cluster key for mail, so this applies in those situations too.

The post office to go to is the USPS Northeast one at 900 Blackson Avenue Austin, TX 78752. Their number is 512 419 7504. It’s up by I35 just before you get to 183, and around where the old Home Depot was – around 4 miles away.

You need to take:

  1. A copy of your lease or settlement statement (aka the HUD-1)
  2. Valid photo ID

The process doesn’t typically take long as you don’t have to wait in the line for stamps, although sometimes we’ve had complications if you have a garage apartment (in which case you may or may not get two keys).

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