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Disambiguation – Miller Mueller Meuller Muller!

Let’s just call it the >old airport development in Austin Texas. It may be the most intriguing green development in Austin, but that doesn’t guarantee people will spell it right or say it right.

How to pronounce Mueller:

When people are looking for homes at the Mueller redevelopment, they soon learn that there are different ways to pronounce it. There’s the old Austin way (the same people who pronounce Koenig Lane as “Kay-nig” Lane rather than attempting a phonetic pronunciation)

They say “Mewl-ur”. That’s what everyone called the airport from 1930 until Bergstrom opened and the last planes flew out in 1999.

Then there’s the Mueller family themselves. The airport was named after council member Robert Mueller who died in 1927. They asked for the pronunciation to be updated to reflect that of their family name. The Mueller developer Catellus has taken this on, and if you walk into a model home, everyone will say “Mill-er”.

Then there’s the people who live there. I say “Mill-er, mewl-er”so that I’m understood. I like to say “Mill-er” so I can say “It’s Miller time!” when I wake up every day.

I have a Welsh name that is often misheard as Garreth, Gareth, Garith or Garrett, so I’m used to confusion, mispronunciation and misspelling.

Whatever you call it, the old airport is developing nicely, and buyers are seeing the value, and the realization of the master planned dream. Watch out for my post where I recap on recent sales – it’s the fastest selling development in Austin right now.

Garreth Wilcock is a pioneer and Realtor at Mueller and helps buyers and sellers find homes at the old airport in Austin.

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