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Check out these local grocer options in Mueller!

HEB is Mueller's premier Grocery Store. Located in the Mueller Neighborhood, it is close enough to walk to.

When it comes to grocery stores and living in Mueller…let’s just say that it took a while to have a place to buy milk. If you wanted to go get your monthly supply of sustenance, it took a hop skip and a jump…well, actually it took a car.

But in 2013, we got our very own grocery in the neighborhood.

HEB – It’s MY store!

This Texas-grown chain is a gem amongst grocers. With efficiency and the environment in mind, the engineers and architects rethought how to build a grocery store for their Mueller location.

Grocery stores use more power than any other building we, the people, need for our modern lives. They use a ton load of energy to keep our food cold and preserved. Well, HEB reduced the average use of power by a whopping 60+ percent than the national medium. This is true genius, as they also maintained a great customer experience in a beautiful design.

The HEB store is located at 1801 E 51st St. Throw it in your maps app and click the walking icon. As a resident of Mueller, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get there. Now all you need is one of those folding carts, a bike basket, or just a nice sized backpack. Don’t worry, they also have a parking lot if you need to stock up on toilet paper and Topo Chico.

There is a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Fresh bakery items can be found in the cases every day, including fresh tortillas. And of course, there are all your standard grocery staples! Don’t forget the beer and wine section – it’s pretty substantial and has great recommendations.

HEB is open daily from 6 am to midnight, except for a few holidays – so check their website if you need that last-minute cranberry sauce.

Don’t let the big store make you forget…

Mosaic Market

This little convenience store is a hip place for locals to shop. The owner is always smiling with an upbeat attitude, which makes you want to smile too! They take requests if someone wants something specific, like locally produced food items or drinks from vendors in their area.

There is always plenty of variety on hand so visitors can find what they’re looking for without having to go to a big box store. It’s easy to pop in and grab a ready-made sandwich, a bottle of wine/case of beer, or a box of crackers you forgot to pick up on the way to your friend’s house. They have a great selection of ice cream and tons of gluten-free options, too. If you just have a hankering for a Little Debbie snack or need some band-aids, they also have that!

The Market is located at 4600 Mueller Blvd #1031 at the base of the Mosaic Luxury Apartments building. Many residents visit daily, picking up a coffee to start their day, or grabbing a snack for later. Mosaic Market makes a great addition to the services and retail available in Mueller.

Learn more about the market here.

Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller

Finding local food is important if you want to buy or sell in the mueller neighbor hood in central austin. Try the farmers market.

And if those choices for finding your grub do not catch your attention, try this story out.

It’s Sunday morning and you’re feeling a little lazy. You don’t want to spend hours in the grocery store so you decide to head over to Mueller Farmers’ Market at Branch Park. It’s an easy decision because it has all of your favorite fresh produce, meats, breads, cheese, eggs, flowers, and more! Everything goes from farm to table so there are no worries about meat being past its date or produce being out of season.

Plus there are plenty of people around who are happy to chat with you about their latest recipes or hear about your week. Pick up some snacks, such as pastries, tacos, and empanadas and head to the park for a picnic!

Voted the best Farmers Market by the Austin Chronicle for nearly a decade, this market is a favorite among locals.

Mueller Farmers Market

So shop until it fits in your fridge or your belly is full!

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