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Can I Take The Bus To Mueller?

The streetcar may be a long way off, and the commuter rail might not take you where you need to go, but the old airport has several weapons in its current transportation arsenal.

The first alternative to the personal car is the bus. The second is the on-demand Car2Go, which I’ll discuss in another post.

There are a few different buses that skirt the neighborhood – the Cap Metro #20 and #37. Both will take you downtown in 20-30 minutes or to the edge of the University of Texas campus in around 10 minutes, depending on where in the neighborhood that you start.

Google Maps carries schedule information for Cap Metro services, so it’s a cinch to pop in your destination and see when the next bus is coming. Traveling by public transport is a real possibility here, if you’re prepared to walk to the edge of the development.

The #350, #320 are crosstown routes that run along Airport Boulevard and the #135 is a limited service to Dell.

Given that the walkscore is 58 at the heart of the neighborhood (for these purposes I’ll call Mosaic the center at 4600 Mueller Blvd), it’s encouraging to see that there are public transit possibilities – we get a transit score of 48 – “some transit”. When the Mueller Town Centre comes online, I’m sure we’ll rocket up above “somewhat walkable”.

Garreth Wilcock is an EcoBroker helping buyers and sellers at Mueller Austin. Call +1 (512) 829-1351 to talk about homes in the area.

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