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Can I rent a home at Mueller Austin?

There are several options for renting at the Mueller development, though families looking for single family homes soon find out it’s a landlord’s market.

Right now there are three options for renters in the old airport redevelopment:

  1. Carriage house / garage apartments. There are several of these detached garage apartments in the neighborhood that are between 500 and 600sqft. A one bedroom studio rents for between $800 and $900 per month depending on whether the unit has a washer and dryer and other appliances. There are a few available right now, including one that overlooks the lake in the Southwest Greenway.

  2. Apartments at Mosaic – these luxury apartments range from a 680sqft studio to a 1701sqft penthouse and they range in price from around $1100 to $2200 per month. They have access to pools, multiple courtyards, a fitness center and everything you want from a modern, energy-efficient apartment. In 2013 Elements at Mueller has been added to compliment Mosaic and expand our rental base here.

  3. Detached homes and townhomes in the residential development are few and far between, and due to their popularity, tend to get snapped up quickly. The market so far has consisted of 1500-2400sqft homes renting between $1795 and $2400 per month.

With only eight homes being listed for lease in the MLS in the last two years, and six garage apartments, the 400 units at Mosaic represent the bulk of the rental market. Senior rentals at the WildFlower terrace are not expected for another 18+months, so if you’re interested in renting a home at Mueller, make sure to sign up for notifications and I’ll send you them as they become available.

Garreth Wilcock is a Mueller Realtor and maintains a list of available rental homes at Mueller. Get in touch if you want to be added to the notification list.

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